Foundry Facilities

The Shanthi Gears foundry division in Kannampalayam, Coimbatore, India has moved a long way in the last 40 years from it’s inception days. When it was built in 1969, and it is still one of the best foundries in the country, surpassing all indian norms on emission control. This is expectable from Shanthi Gears have done some basic work in ensuring green atmosphere.

The Infrastructure and Manufacturing Facilities

  • Manufacturing of graded casting in Grey cast iron and SG iron suitable to all industrial applications to world class standards, weight vary from Few Grams to 2000 Kg.
  • For maintaining of green atmosphere, we have Venturi wet scrubber system in melting and Dust Extraction system in moulding
  • Steel fabrication up to 10 Ton single piece, equipped with CNC gas cutting machine and Stress relieving furnace

Fabrication shop

  • Fabrication Facility Single piece 10 Tonnes
  • CNC Flame cutting Machine – max 250 mm thick
  • Welding with ARC / MIG / TIG
  • Stress Relieving Muffle furnace
  • Computer controlled Heat treatment plant

Pattern Shop

  • Pattern manufacturing routed through CNC
  • More than 15000 numbers of patterns are in use


Process :
Green sand Machine Mould and No-Bake and CO2 Hand Mould

Moulding Machines :
1. DISA 300 of Box size 520 X 400 X 120
2. DISA 450 of Box size 700 X 510 X 200
3. DISA 900 of Box size 1200 X 910 X 450

Technical Specification APRA 900
Jolt Capacity (Kg) 900
Static Squeeze Force (Kgf) 16000
Dynamic Squeeze Force (Kgf) 40000
Pattern Draw (mm) 340

Sand Plant : Fully Automatic DISA Mixer 20T/Hr

Core Process : Cold Box core shooter ,CO2, Airset and Baked core

  Technical Specification TM 160 -45
Dimensions in mm
Diameter 1650
Blender width approx. 600
Height of mixer 1990
Height of measuring vessel 1400
Int. width of meas. vessel 860
Center dist. mixer/vessel 250
Depth of drive approx. 1827
Width of drive approx. 1093
Width of unloading door 1330
Batch Specifications
Batch Volume (max.) 500 kg
Cycle time 100 s
Batches/hour 36
Mixing rate * 20 m3/h
Vessel cap. used + new sand 0.7 m3
Cap. weigh. hopper bent + coal 0.1 m3


  • We have facility of medium frequency induction furnaces for manufacturing up to 5000 Tons of castings per annum.
  • The range of casting Weight from Few Grams to 2000Kg


Shanthi Gears having the following facilities to maintain quality system.

Technical Specification
Number of elements analyzed 28
Base Ferrous, Copper & Aluminium
  • Raw materials and liquid metal chemistry will be controlled by Spectro with 28 Elements Analyzer
  • Computerized Universal Testing Machine, Impact testing Machine and Optical Brinell Hardness Tester for checking mechanical properties of castings
  • V- Smart Analyzer for checking Mechanical properties of ferrous liquid Metal
  • Metallurgical Microscope with Image analyzer
  • Digital Pyrometer for temperature control
  • Modern Sand lab for controlling moulding process
  • Soundness of raw materials and castings are checked by Ultrasonic Flaw Detector and external source of Radiography facility


  • Well equipped fettling department for removal of sand and external parts of castings by DISA Shot Blasting machines and various types of grinding machines
  • Electrically operated Stress Relieving furnace of max weight 5000Kg
Technical Specification VP14 – 238
Impeller wheels 2 X 380 mm dia
Power of Wheels 2 X 15 kW
Maximum length of parts 1250 mm
Exhaust air M3/min 125
Throughput Tonnes/hour 1 – 3
Shot flow per minute 2 X 240 Kg
Load carrying capacity 500 Kg
Diameter of turning circle 1000 mm

Non Ferrous

Process Centrifugal, Gravity die casting and Sand mould casting
Capacity 250 Ton/ Year
Casting Weight 10Kg – 500Kg Max
Furnace 150 Kg Medium Frequency Induction Furnace, 300 Kg Diesel Fired Crucible Furnace, 40 Kg Diesel Fired Pit Furnace
Grades Phosphor Bronze, Aluminium Bronze, Leaded Bronze and Aluminium


  • Capacity 80 Ton per Month
  • Open type Forging of Gears and Shafts
  • Plain forgings, Ring forgings and Step forgings
  • Hammer Capacity Max 1 tonne
  • Forging size 600mm in Dia , 2 meter in Length and 200 mm in Thick
  • Pit type Normalizing furnace of capacity 2 Ton, Size Dia1200 X 2200 mm

The results are very rewarding, many companies in the world are tied up with Shanthi Gears for design and development of castings and gears.

Vision, Mission, Ethos


To be the No.1 company that manufacturers Gears, Gear Boxes, Geared Motors, Gear Assemblies both standard and custom-built to customers’ expectation.


By recognizing manpower as the prime mover to organizational goals, we duly motivate them to do their jobs “extra-ordinarily well” with “optimum creativity and productivity”


Shanthi Gears is firmly committed to achieve customer delight by.

  • Deliver the best products at the most economic prices
  • Ensure prompt delivery
  • Follow fair minded business practices for the good of all stake holders



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