Metrology & Calibration

We have the necessary calibration facilities with us, as such almost all the instruments are calibrated periodically in-house. With Universal length Measurement Machine – LAB CONCEPT – 1000 (Make – TRIMOS – 0.3µm accuracy) we can check the following


Lab Concept Specification
Resolution 0.0001mm
Accuracy <0.3µm +(L(mm)/1200) µm
Repeatability 0.000004"/0.1 µm
LABC 1000 Range 0 – 40" (1000mm)
Measuring Force 0 – 12N (0 – 2.5lb)
Display TFT Touchscreen (Win)
  • Normal Plug and Ring Gauges
  • Threaded Plug and Ring Gauges
  • Internal & External Snap Gauges
  • Calipers and Micrometers
  • Depth & Length Measuring Gauges
  • Dial, Dial Test Indicators & Electronic Indicators
  • Pin and Spacer Gauges
  • Including Slip gauges & many more gauge types

Renishaw Laser Calibration Kit

Machine tool performance measurement and calibration systems with auto error compensation directly into the machine controller like Fanuc, Siemens, etc.


Laser ML 10 Gold

The ultimate metrology tool for traceable machine tool and motion system analysis for Linear, Angular, Rotary, straightness & Squareness measurements. Rotary measurement done with RX 10 rotary indexer.

Ballbar QC 10

Check machine positioning performance and diagnose machine errors automatically.

Auto Error Compensation

Auto error compensation is the software using which measurement of the actual error, feed the data to the compatible machine tool control system (Fanuc, Siemens, etc.) so that it automatically compensates for the existing position error.

Flatness Measuring Equipment

Monochromatic Checklite – To check the parallelism and flatness of the measuring faces of the gauges. Accuracy less than one light band ie. 0.000295 mm

Dial Gauge Calibrating Equipment

Mitutoyo UDT – 2 Dial Gauge Tester (Range 0 -25 mm) & accuracy 0.001 mm.

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