Quality Assurance

We believe that a quality finish starts with quality materials and have the following Material testing facilities. We have all the facilities in house to undergo various testing like Dimensional checking, Hardness Testing, Profile checking, Material Physical properties checking, Non Destructive Testing such as Ultrasonic testing,Magnetic Particle Testing,Dye Penetrant Testing, Nital Etching Testing and Chemical Testing and produce superior quality gearboxes.

In-House Quality Assurance Facilities


Technical Specification
Number of elements analyzed 28
Base Ferrous, Copper & Aluminium
  • Our Material Testing Facilities has Spectrometer
  • Chemical Lab for Volumetric Analysis
  • Union Microscope (X 1000) with image Analyser and with Camera attachment.
  • Micro hardness tester – Zwick 3212B
  • Tooth flank hardness tester – EMCO N7F000
  • Fully automated micro vickers hardness tester – Zwick ZHV-1A
  • Equitip – Portable hardness tester
  • Die penetration testing
  • Crack detection with Digital Ultrasonic testingmachine .Make Olympus, Model EP 1000 i/R
  • Magnaflux – Magnetic particle crack detector.
  • Universal testing Machine – 20 Tons.
  • Izod testing facility
  • Inverted metallurgical microscope with micrometer -Make: Nikon, Model: Epihot 200 BD set 220 / 240V
  • Caliper Checker-Make Mitutoya, Range 0-300 mm

Co-ordinate Measuring Machines

Global Status Global Image
1000mm X 700mm X 700mm 3000mm X 1200mm X 1000mm

Profile Projector

  • Metz – 804 Magnification X 20, Screen Ø600 mm
  • Nikon V-20B Magnification 10x, 20x, 50x, Screen Ø500mm

Surface Finish Tester

  • Surf test – SV 400 Portable (Make – Mitutoyo) Stroke 50 mm, Accuracy 0.1µm
  • Surfcom 480A – High precision surface finish analyser (Make – Tokyo Seimtsu)

3DAxis Co-ordinate measuring machine (Make – Brown & Sharpe) with scanning facility- 2 Nos.

  • Global Image 3000 mm X 1200 mm X 1000 mm
  • Global Status 1000 mm X 700 mm X 700 mm

Leitz – PMM c-1000 (2.4M X 1.6M X 1M) with all types of gear measuring software

Universal Measuring Machines

  • Leitz-Strasmann
  • SIP (Schuette) model MU-214B

Vertical Measuring Instruments

  • TRIMOS VT 600MA, Range 0-875 mm, Resolution 0.1µm
  • TRIMOS TVD 800A, Range 0-800 mm, Resolution 0.1µm
  • Mitutoyo LH 600B, Range 0-972 mm, Resolution 0.1µm

Contour Tester

Contourecord 2600E – 24 – N (Make – Tokyo Seimtsu)

Gear Testers

Total 10 Nos. (Make – Klingelnberg Hoefler P40 , WENZEL WGT350, PFSU640, PFSU62, Hoefler EFR 401MZ, Maag SP60 and PH60, CarlMahr 891, Goulder Mikron CSF/2, )

Klingelnberg P40

Klingelnberg P40, fully automatic CNC controlled gear measuring center has been installed for testing workpiece diameter range up to 400 mm.

The involute profile of the gears ground on fully automatic CNC controlled Reishauer RZS are tested on Klingelnberg CNC controlled P 40 Gear measuring center.

Technical Specification P 40
Module Range 0.5 – 15 mm
Max. outside diameter of gear 400 mm
Continuously measurable gear with 400 mm
Minimum / Maximum helix or lead angle 0 ° – 90 °
Clamping distance between centers 35 – 600 (1000) mm
Machine accuracy according to VDI / VDE 26112 Sh. 1 & 2 and 2613 Class I
Permissible test gear weight 300 Kg

CNC Gleason-Hypoid Bevel Tester

Gleason Make ,Model No.519 – Angular Hypoid Hydraulic Tester

Technical Specification No. 519
Maximum Diameter of gear 914 mm
Maximum Diameter of pinion 304 mm

Gear Noise Tester

Hurth ZP 320 – To test a gear with a master gear or a gear pair for any process error by measuring the noise produced during running at operational speed. Work piece max. Ø320, Speed max. 3000 rpm.

Hob Tester

KLINGELNBERG PWF – 250 up to 20 module, and Wenzol350, Leitz PMM C100 with Bevel Profile Checking Software

Worm Pair Tester

Adjustable center distance worm pair checking machine with DRO upto 17 inch CD (Make – Shanthi)

Vision, Mission, Ethos


To be the No.1 company that manufacturers Gears, Gear Boxes, Geared Motors, Gear Assemblies both standard and custom-built to customers’ expectation.


By recognizing manpower as the prime mover to organizational goals, we duly motivate them to do their jobs “extra-ordinarily well” with “optimum creativity and productivity”


Shanthi Gears is firmly committed to achieve customer delight by.

  • Deliver the best products at the most economic prices
  • Ensure prompt delivery
  • Follow fair minded business practices for the good of all stake holders



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